French Striped Sack Chambray Jacket

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Based on the common sack jacket of the 1900s.

The early sack jacket has several distinctive features, such as no shoulder pad, no chest saving, knife back-saving, multi-button placket, small Lapel with sleeve cuff, and high collar, which is different from the conventional suit coat.

This kind of blazer with no chest cut originated in France in the 1840s and spread to England and America rapidly. Originally used for informal occasions, it soon became the work and business clothes of technical workers and staff. By the end of the 1850s, the U.S. military used it for routine military clothing. By the 1870s, people in the western region had worn sack jackets as general outdoor clothing and work clothes. Unlike the modern suit tailoring, Americans prefer to keep the simple and comfortable appearance rather than emphasize the straight lines of the chest, so they can't see the two chest darts that often appear in the front piece. Although there were many forms of suits at that time, including elegant tuxedo and comfortable casual suit, the most commonly worn coat was sack jacket, which almost replaced morning dress at that time, and could be worn in all daytime activities except wedding, funeral and high-level social activities, which was the standard match of daily life as the hat. From the end of the 19th century to the beginning of the 20th century, the common way of wearing a sack jacket was to button only the buttons on the top, open the bottom all the same, and have a relatively small lapel. At that time, many people thought that the sack jacket was only suitable for working-class people, but because of its simple cut and conservative style, it has become the basic dress of Western businessmen for more than 100 years.

  1. Reproduce Brown's Beach 13oz Grey-brown striped fabric
  2. Cotton stripe jacquard cloth for the lining
  3. Alloy button
Size Shoulder Chest
36/S 16.9  43 38.2  97
38/M 17.3  44 39.8  101
40/L 17.7  45 41.3  105
42/XL 18.1  46 42.9  109
44/XXL 18.5  47 44.5  113

Size Waist Length
36/S 34.6  88 26.8  68
38/M 36.2  92 27.6  70
40/L 37.8  96 28.0  71
42/XL 39.4  100 28.3  72
44/XXL 40.9  104 28.7  73

Size Sleeve
36/S 23.6  60
38/M 24.0  61
40/L 24.4  62
42/XL 24.8  63
44/XXL 25.2  64
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